Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sakarai Pongal, Kootu, Sambhar, Rasam, Vada was today's menu for Pongal. Untill higher secondary, Pongal was one festival where we could day full 5 days of holidays. Even if the main Pongal fell on a weekend, we would still get a few week-days off. It was not just the school that were off , most of the shops would be shut, vegetable vendors take off atleast for a couple of days, all in all, town will be virtually shut and its time for good food, loads of TV, play, and family..When it comes to play, it is just not regular play, but 2 days full of different competitions will be held in every street. Everyone from a child to dhadhi will have something or the other to take part in and win many prizes..

Starting from goli to running race (different lengths), music chair, rangoli, carrom , chess and even weight lifting for men. I have participated in a couple of years and won a third prize in at I was inspired to participate because of our maid's daughter,Jothi. She had great athletic talent that she would win any competition and in fact, she has told that the most of the utensils (yes, the prizes were plates, tumblers ,dabaras, tiffin boxes , and other stainless steel utensils) in her house were won by her during Pongal sports competitions.

Happy Pongal everyone! May our lives be filled with loads of sunshine :)

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  1. I too have 2 small bowls from some sports day. But, my mom says I won those in cake eating competition heheheh....