Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turning a year

wiser..older ..:)
I turned a year older last week. This is going to be my last year in my 20's..The very fact/thought propagates lots of questions ..What did I do in my 20s? Did I achieve something at all? Where did all the years go by? the W's flowed by. anyways, now that I've decided to inspire myself to get on/move on with life, I'm not going to put down all the not-so-nice thoughts that cross my brain and answer to the umpteen q's. One thing that I want to re-iterate to myself everyday is that "SM, live your present to the fullest, the future will take care of by itself." I'm going to try hard not to worry about silly things, just roll up my sleeves, do the best given the circumstances, have faith in the almighty and move on. Life, please help me in this endeavor and let peace prevail everywhere. I dont know what God's plans for me are, I Trust in Him.
Here's to hoping , wishing and praying for all good things to unfold.