Monday, January 6, 2014

Achievements ! : What is that?

I should have completed this post y'day itself for this is a short post. But, I was busy travelling, attending function and goofing up the plans for eating out .

Achievements : If you ask me, I'm unable to spot any particular thing to call an achievement ..Yes, I did stand first 10th , 2nd in 12th (lost the first place by 1 mark), first in few subjects, received a few awards in the organizations that I've worked for, but none of it I call as achievement, because they all seem so insignificant in the larger view of life. The other day we were organising all the documents and I was showing off my better half on all the certificates, medals , mark sheets etc that I'd accumulated over the years. We have gone through them sometime back and I used to be transported in time and feel good. But, as days go by, they all seem so insignificant. While we were sorting otu these docs, I didnt not dwell on it, did not feel anything great about all these papers, just made one comment " those days..Sigh!" and moved on.

While all these achievements seemed good at the respective moments in life, they seem to fade as time goes by. I feel being content and living in the moment are true achievements. because as we continue to do this, when we stop by after a period of time and introspect, we will have a happy feeling that I was happy and I'm happy. While we aim and strive to do our best in all that we do, struggles through various hardships that life puts in our paths, the light heart, strong mind and the will to take things as they come by will make us happy in our journey, me thinks..I somehow don't enjoy the journey as much as it should be done. My mind is fixated towards the result that I fail to enjoy the journey and when the destination arrives, the happiness is so fleeting that we have already started looking out for the next journey as life is a continuous journey , whether we like it or not.

It has taken such a long time to realize this, I hope I get to internalize this and put it into action and finally make it a habit  so that I may have something to call as achievement later.


  1. Wow...we seem to be similar...even i missed the 1st rank in 12th by 1 mark!!

    Ya, now all the certificates and medals seem like a distant past...our current life is in no way related to them...

  2. Oh my God Ramya, we are similar here as well.. Only difference is I stood 1st in 12th as well, by two marks to my best friend :)

    You are so correct here, those achievements are of no relevance today. Such high points they were then, but now.. if I can stay happy for a day, I call it a big achievement.