Thursday, October 14, 2010


Appu ,
 Wish you a very very Happy Birthday. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and success in all that you do. Appu, we are fortunate for having you in our family. You complete our family and you are a gem!!!
 Wish you all things good!!

yet another new beginnings..

The onlything that seems to come for free in my life is : taking vows/oaths..yes, that too to myslef..For I keep making promises to myslef almost every single day off-late. So, here's another oath, hey this is a serious one and I plan to follow it seriously (when have i made a "not-so-serious" oath, SM??)..I'm gonna keep a tab on the number of times I fight with SS , how ferquently I pount, get into an argument and how frequenctly I'm not-sweet/nice to him. Lets see how I fare..heres to new beginnings this Navratri!


Have you felt the need to just vent /(do not want to use words like vo_ _ it/s_ it) what goes on in your mind to someone else who would lend a ear? I've been itching to do that for quite some time now..Just unable to resist and thereby getting into the negative books of everyone..

After venting out, I'm remembered of this blog, my blog which is the correct and right place to put all that goes in the mind..Bloggie, here I come again for another round of (hopefully) continuous blogging..aka..venting out..

God Bless the one who found blogging!!Jai Ho!