Friday, January 10, 2014

Coming for a movie in a theatre??

Answer is "Depends"

If I want to go out with a girl friend AND if the movie is good, then, I'm game.
If its Kamal's movie or Surya's movie which I feel like watching (Varanama AAyiram : yes, Much hyped Vishwaroopam: yes, rest everything in the recent past : a big NO) , then, I shall come
If sis wants a company for a decent time pass movie, then, I shall accompany (Kadalil Sothapuvadhu Eppadi)
If we go as a team to a decent/good movie , then I'm game (Jodhaa Akbar)
If we go as a family to a decent/good movie, I will come along (Endhiran, Abhiyum Naanum)
If I pester S to accompany me to a movie which I want to wtach in theatre, and IF he agrees, yay! (Varanam Aayiram)
If as a team , we are fed up and just want to bunk, then just to be a team-player, I accompany (dont remember the name of the movie, but it was an English movie based on war)

The above are some of the situations that immediately come to my mind where I would like to watch a movie in a theater.

Even if its watching movies at home, I would rather go out, do some work- household cleaning or office work or read or listen to music or sleep than watching movies. Firstly, I don't have the patience to go through the dance/song/same masala : love-fight sequences that seem to be the backdrop in most of the movies. But, if its the song or dance or the romance I like to watch,then I'll be glued to the TV or PC.

The loud noise in the theaters puts me off and both S and I dont fascinate watching movies in theaters. We would on any day prefer the comfort of our home.So, going to theater is hardly on our minds.

But, growing up, we have been to theaters many times and I remember sitting on stool in the last row and watching Thevar Magan way back. I also remember going to some Vijayakanth movie (for lack of decent movies on that day) just to time-pass with my cousin who was vacationing at our home. Alaipayuthey is one movie which I have watched some 6-7 mines in a span of 1 or 2 days in the VCR  at home (Ahh..the teen hormones I say). Vaali is a movie where 3 generation were glued to the TV (granny, Amma, my cousins,sis and I) I watched lip-lock scene from Kuruthipunal along with an Aunt who was in turn watching my reaction. (I was glued to the big screen :) knowing that she is watching me...Sorry, I was confused how to react at that adolescent age, especially when someone is watching you) . Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal, Keladi Kanmani, Thevar Magan, Kaaka Kaaka , Mouna Raagam, are a few of them I would watch any day. Next to this list are : Naayagan, Michael Madana kama Rajan, Varusham 16, Pudhu Vasantham, Kandukondein kandukondein, Jeans , oldies like Paasa malar, Pachai Vilaku and few more which I'm lazy to type or doesnt come to my mind instantly.

But, some times, just very few times,  this movie mania catches me and I've blogged about it here : Movie Mania.

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  1. Hmm...some of the current masala movies are so boring for me...i prefer movies that make you think not ones that expect you to leave your brains at home!