Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Books ..

and me..

During the growing-up years, my association with reading was limited to textbooks, library books once in a while, weekly "Young world ", "Siruvar malar" (from Dina malar), books obtained as prize and ocassional readers digest during the mid teens..I'm unable to pin-point exactly as to why there was close to "no-exposure" towards books of different kinds, especially comics during the early years..Is it because I didnt show any specific interest or if the school or surroundings didnt have such kind of a "encouraging-children-to-read" atmosphere (Definitely, the school, neighbors,tom,dick and harry laid stress on reading every other book prescribed by the class syllabus, but I'm referring to the habit of reading age-appropriate books of different genre or rather inculcating the habit from childhood..),..Whatever the reason, I grew up where after school hours was spent playing outdoor untill about 10 years, then moving to indoor games , then, there was explosion of cable TV and you know where time would have been spent..All this if we get time above and after doing all the hand-breaking homework, lessons to cram for the next day test , attending school untill 4 or sometimes 5PM from morning 9!!

There have of course been days when I've tried my skills for events during sports day, annual day, sister feast (since I studied in a Christian school), inter-school competition etc etc..Looking back, I do remember the thoughts I had when I visited my friends house (this friend's both parents are Doctors) and when I found that she was sitting and reading a voluminous book of Sidney Sheldon .When she went in to get tea, I glanced the book and wondered how she got around reading such a big book with so small letters !! Having accustomed to short stories and at the max the non-detail for English-2 at school, I could'nt get myself at how stories could run for so many pages..I didnt ask more details to her and when the tea arrived, we started chatting our school-gossip/politics :) ..I didnt have the natural inclination to didnt bother to  push myself to explore what reading was, neither did someone/some event give me the curiosity to venture into reading..Now, when I come across many who refer to the various books that they have devoured at each stage/age in life and how they still vividly narrate the characters/story line or rejoice when they see that their child reads the same book and enjoys reading as they did years ago or how they describe that they found solace in reading or books gave them good company while growing up,I feel good reading about them..At the same time, it triggers me into an introspective mood, where I start thinking about my hobby is..

Only after I started working, I enrolled myself into a library near the hostel where I was staying and I am thankful for that! I got into reading and devoured many Sheldon's..(I figured then how a story can extend for hundreds of pages and how one can sustain interest in a loong novel..:)) After marriage, thanks to S, who had an interest in books and reading, introduced me to other authors..There was a stage (I think in 2010) where I was found having a book in hand after office hours, every single day..The urge to buy books over clothes was intense during that period and my hands would go over to flipkart every now and then to order a new book..Now wait..all this enthu happened during a period and that period was short lived..I was again back to normal, sometimes, not touching a book for months together or sometimes, getting bored in every third page of a book (though the book would be a thriller!)

I sometimes wonder what was/is my hobby? My interest seem to be short-lived..I tried my hand at clay/pot painting last year, did a few of them and the ceramic and pot placed n the cup-board are accumulating dust..I started writing some short-stories, but after a few of them, the book lies untouched for many months now..So, when I see people who say books have been giving them company since childhood, I definitely dont deny the fact that books are indeed capable of , bit what does it take within a person to be have sustained interest? I laugh at myself for writing such questions, for I know the answer..or atleast I seem to know..The answer is: who can know what can interest a person but the person him/her self?

I do enjoy reading these days and hope that I can have sustained interest.Thats the point here..And when I see mommy-bloggers who write about introducing their child to reading early or who rejoice in the fact that their kid is inetrested in books, I think within that I will also make the effort to begin reading to my child/children very early and try to inculcate the habit of reading..But, if the child doesnt have the interest in it, what can be done? Ok, these questions can wait I guess, and depending on how future unfolds..For now,let me go the Archer I'm reading now (The Fourth Estate)..