Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thank you Varun ji!

 Yes,its you Varuna Bhagwan :-) thank you so much for your sudden,much much needed visit y'day in Bangalore.

There have been times when people have cribbed about you showering your blessings almost every day for close to 5 months..thee have been times when we would be all ready to go out,but there you will suddenly come out of the blue without any warning with the sun still shining bright. There have been times when we have cribbed about clothes not getting dry, unable to take a walk without an umbrella and have generally found you to be unpredictable..

Probably you wanted to teach us a lesson and bribed your cousin/brother (I'm poor in identifying your relations,ok.) and gave us harsh summers last few years. But this year, the heat was (is) so bad that it just gave jitters to even think of going out. And need not even mention the burns that I suffer around my mouth and the number of lotions that I've tried this time around to moisturize is greater than the sum total of all that I've used in many years..

Ok, let me stop now, for my intention is to offer my heartfelt Thanks to Varun ji..And Please, please let this be a start for this year and keep coming ,ok? if not everyday,atleast every alternate day :)

I wanted to sit in the balcony and keep staring and enjoying the "greenness" of the view this morning.But , thanks to husband's office which had scheduled an early meeting for him, but thankful that because of this reason I woke up early and enjoyed the view,so what if its for a short duration. The picture does no justice to the different  shades of nature's green, but it was too awesome this morning!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

55er : Grass is always greener on the other side

Chella’s interview for the US job lasted 7 months and she thought universe was giving wings to  her desire of living abroad: which remained just a dream having married to Ganapathy immediately after graduation. All her excitement spiraled downwards when the offer letter came . Ganapathy wondered why Chella was sulking inspite of achieving her goal. 


Manonmani longed whenever she saw pictures of friends posing in Disneyland,LasVegas,Hollywood studios or the gorgeous  trekking locations in the US. After 10 years, when she went to the US, she complained of not having maids , the biting cold in winters, child-care duties without a break and the need to be employed to live there!


Both the above incidents based on real life scenarios encountered by two of of my colleagues. We long for something, but the happiness that we get from achieving the goal or the contentment that we derive when our dreams materialize seem to be so fleeting.