Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bliss is..

after you board the train, you call up the parents to tell that you have boarded and that the train has started its journey and by chance you come near the door of the coach just to have a glimpse of your house while the train passes by the railway line road where your house is put up , and viola! cant beleive your eyes, you spot your mom and sister waiting by the road and both the parties spot each other and wave hands..!! Doesnt stop here with waving..While hands are swaying, one wave suggests a "Bye, untill wee meet next time"..another sway of the hand suggests to go back..Mom and sis suggest the son/brother to get back to the berth and not stay near the steps in the moving train..The grown up lad waves and the asks the women of his house to get back to their house, for its dark in the night..

The joy of caring for each other : B.L.I.S.S and to witness this is some more of it !

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Restaurant hopping

S and I like to try out various restaurants, cuisines..I shall put down some of the restaurants that we have visited  and will give my comment/review for each of them

Chillies : Ever since S introduced me  to this restaurant sometime in 2010, I've got hooked to it. Earlier , it was located in Old Airport Road, next to the Total Mall. We have usually been there for the evening snacks which doubles up as early dinner too. The Big Mouth Burger ,Fajitas, Quesedillas and the glucamole they dish out is awesome to taste. We have been regulars there and over time, I feel that the quality has come down a little bit.The charges have also gone up (: They have now moved to Phoenix Market City . Compared to many other places that we have visited, I feel this place offers a decent value for money. Rating : 4/5

California Pizza Kitchen: After my trip to the UK, I've been  caught in this love-for-pizza (italian cuisine) and this place being relatively new (remember seeing this chain only in 2012 and not before) , we went ahead ..Nothing great to offer, if you are a vegetarian. The pizzas were cold and portions in the starters were very less. Expensive food and not really worth for the money. Rating: 2/5

Rajdhani: Before I moved to the current work-place last year,I used to have my work-place at Whitefield for about 2 years and this place was introduced by one of our colleagues who gave his farewell lunch there. Good service, and a good variety of dishes for a vegetarian meal.  The regulars in the thaali are  dhal-bhatti, two veggies, jilebi for sweet, soft and small chapatti (not-the tandoori roti), bajra roti, and another roti which is a kind of a biscuit,  dhal chawal, white rice and curd rice..Good food and if you want to eat a wholesome meal, can head out to this place. rating: 4/5. They charge ~350 for a thaali. Not sure if they have different rates for weekends these days.

Sanjeevanam : Located in Madiwala, this place offers Rajakeeyam Lunch .Conceptually, its a health food restaurant and there is no on-ion,garlic in any of their menu items. Its a saatvik spread and quite good too. You'll find the same spread in the menu any time you go , still the quality and teats has been good so far. We went for the Onam sadya today and felt that the usual spread is much better than this Onam Sadya special food they offered. For regular Rajakeeyam Lunch: Rating is 4/5. Its 300 bucks for a thaali.

Barbeque Nation:

South Indies: The day we went, there was raw banana curry, which I'm not too fond off. Have heard that Appams is a speciality in this restaurant. I didnt find anything special or exciting in this place.
 Normal food , nothing worth mentioning. Rating: 2.5/5

Annapoorna: Located at both Cambridge Layout and at 80 feet Road, you can find Tamilians flocking the place on weekends..The usual sambhar, rasam, thayir, with sweet and appalam is the spread here. For seniors who want a break from their own cooked food at home, can head to this place. Other than that, nothing special worth mentioning here.For dinner,Apart from the usual, different types of dosa, they also give a dosa combo which has raagi dosa, masala dosa and akki roti. Rating: 3/5

NH8: The spread is similar to Rajdhani. ie, Rajasthani Food. But , if one is particular about rajasthani food, you can as well heda for Rajdhani. The taste is not as good compared to the later. Located in 80 feet Road, Indiranagar. Rating: 3/5.

Indi Joe:  Varied spread: starters, chaat, pizza, live pasta, breads, roomali roti, assorted veggie side dishes, fruits and a big spread of desserts on weekends. My team at work prefers this place for team -lunches. Rating: 4/5. High rating mainly because of the different options under one roof.

Punjaab: Located at RMZ Infinity, same campus as Indi Joe. Decent vegetarian spread, minus the pizzas and pastas, Instead have a couple of starters and chaat counter. and the usual dhaal, roti, sabzi, chaawal along with thick buttermilk. rating: 3.75/5. Tastes good. Actually can rate a 4, if a couple of more options are provided for vegetarians.

Vivanta by Taj,Whitefield: After having a lavish buffet in Taj Bengal last year, I've been caught by this love for Taj. ie, when any mediocre restaurant charges approx 400-500 bucks these days , I feel what Taj charges  for its magnificient spread , quality, service is definitely worth it , atleast once in a while. So, we were debating whether to go to Taj Residency, Vivanta or Taj West End for quite some time and everytime, I used to pick another restaurant thinking "is it really necessary to spend a grand on just one lunch ?"thinking like this, I've seen the rpices go from 900 per lunch to 1300 , which we went to a couple of weeks ago. We went to Vivanta by Taj at Whitefield and it was Srilankan Food festival that week.  A long spread starting with soups, breads, starters,mocktails, usual north indian dal,roti, desserts,fruits ,juices..Since it was srilankan special, in the vegeterian side, there was lemon rice, a dish made out of cauliflower and potato, rice roti and plain paratha . These are the only two Taj hotels I've vistied and I benchmark any "Taj" food to Taj Bengal. So, comparatively, this is rated 3.5/5

Tangerine: Located in 100 ft Road, Indiranagar. Used to serve good , filling sizzlers, But, during our third visit, the quality came down so drastically that we stopped going there. Can be rated 3/5

Kobe Sizzlers: Located in CMH Road, Indiranagar, a so-so place for sizzlers. It proved that Tangerine is better. Portions are smaller, rated: 2.5/5

More to come later..