Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love of water

I'm a water person..I L.O.V.E being in touch with water. Be it drenching in the rain or feeling the crash of waves in the beach or simply washing legs every now and then and allowing the water to dry up by itself, I simply love being in contact with water.  My better half is just the opposite of me. While I love to hold hand in hand and simply feel the waves in the beach, he prefers to stay back and simply enjoy. At home, you can find him frowning when I get don't dry up properly after a wash. I like to allow the wet area to dry up by itself rather than using a towel, especially the legs.

And while cooking, I keep going to the sink every now and then , even to simply re-re wash the washed utensils before using. It's my habit to wash legs before retiring for the day , even during cold winter nights. S hates it when I climb the bed with wet legs. I like to splash water on my face every now and then, just that I forget in the humdrum of everyday routine. Even on the face, I like it when I wipe it off partially and allow droplets of water or the wetness to remain in the face in certain portions sometimes. Just to avoid unnecessary questions from people, I forcefully wipe off all the water. ( I wonder why people have to notice every minute detail and still be vocal about it. Hmph.)

While it  gives me joy is to just take in the drizzle of the rain, the smell of the wet ground just after the rain is something that I love too. Not to mention the cool breeze just before the rain. In Bangalore, I wait for the first rains after the summer months . Even for drinking, I hate colas and would choose water on any day. Rain and Water, please do bless us with the quantity that we require and kindly bestow the wisdom in humans to conserve water.

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  1. Such a water lover you are! Never knew :)