Thursday, January 16, 2014

En Samayalariyil...

That was I think one hit song when this movie was released..

But, in my samayalarai, the dishes I cook turn out either good or not bad..I started cooking only after getting married, and prior to that, I can count the number of times that I have entered the kitchen..Yes, neither did my mom ask me to do anything nor did I volunteer to help her around. (Sis is one big masterchef right from an early age itself). I, on the other hand would eat anything that is put on my plate , and for that matter, I wouldnt even distinguish between less salt/correct salt/more salt in dishes..Amma would serve me first asking me to taste and I would be all praise for her cooking only for Appa to taste and pass his comments on more/less salt etc. In short, I was not a fussy child when it comes to taste, asking for different varieties of food etc, but I was a fussy get the point nah..I think sometime around higher secondary, I discovered my love for Norukku Theeni and my mom pampered me with murukku,seedai, rava urundai , thenkozhal and what not ..Thanks to Vengarai Mami (who lived closer to our home for a brief period) whom my mom considered a mother figure was more than enthusiastic to help mom in making all these savories.

I love vadams, not appalams and come summer I used to be the resident crow who used to gulp down the javvarisi maavu right after Paati spread it out in sheets in the terrace..Somehow, the taste of javvarisi maavu tasted much much better when eaten after it was put on the plastic sheet to dry than when the S.A.M.E maavu was put in a cup and given for me to devour! :)

Coming back to cooking , I learnt cooking by observing MIL and thanks to internet (last few years only). I didnt look up internet sites to find recipes and try at home when I was newly married..Cant point out the exact reason, but may be because I didnt have an inherent interest, I was scared of the comments that I would receive ( I got to know that MIL had told relatives when they enquired on my cooking skills that I didnt get chapatti round. I got so upset then..Wish I was more matured then and did not get so upset) and moreover, though it was not explicitly told, MIL held the keys to the kitchen, though not in literal sense. More of my own ignorance (I got aware of this one much later that the best way to reach a man's heart is through his heart :) . Had I known this earlier, I would have put some effort :) in the cooking department in our early married days:) ). And add to this a husband who is  totally non-fussy , and even if you ask what you feel like eating or what's your favorite, the answer would be prepare whatever you feel like for the former and get to know by yourselves rather than getting answers for the questionnaire for the latter. I should also mention that I also didnt have too much interest in cooking then. But slowly, I also learnt and graduated from helping in the kitchen, ie, the accessory stuff to making the complete meal myself. And then, started browsing for recipes, wait, just the regular recipes..Even now, I do a brief browse in the internet for lemon-rasam , pepper rasam, more-kootu ,thogayal recipes before cooking them..But, I can say that my cooking skills have improved (again only the regular meal here ) , considering that inherently I dont have that much of an interest and that I have not been trained formally/informally too.

I like the simple dal chawal than the sambhar..Sambhar is something that plays hide and seek with me..Sometimes, it turns out decently well, somethimes it turns out baah with taste of manjal podi (: rasam also belongs to the same category, sometimes it turms out tangy and yum, sometimes, I feel like I want to put the rasam pathram in sink asap (:  Veggies , kootu , simple dhal, : I love cooking them and I think they come out well than rest of the dishes..And Many thanks to my sweet heart in the form of husband who simply bears with all my cooking and never raises a word..For that matter, appreciation also has come rarely, but neverthelss, I pester him to appreciate me :) :)

One last thing before I complete the ramble: Usage of utensils : When I started cooking, most of the utensils will be in the sink at the end of my cooking adventure. But, I observed MIL in this aspect too and later learnt to plan before and during  cookingand now, I can say that I am efficient in this aspect..But still, there is lot of room to improve and I hope our child will  give the trigger of enthu to dish out food with lots a love, good taste with variety and healthy as well..Let me see what I write later :) Will come back to this space and update :)


  1. Hehehe..even i am like you..don't have much of an interest in hubby is non-fussy too!

    Good that ur MIL is efficient int he MIL is the exact opposite-she will cook way more than needed and just throw the excess..she also piles up the sink with vessels!

    1. same pinch here :) Having a hubby who is non-fussy is such a blessing I hear..Touch wood.