Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year to everyone I know and to those I will get to know this year :-) And happy new year,blog. I keep taking a resolution every year to write more, just that I haven't kept up that so far. This year, I'm making the same resolution, starting with trying to do a decent job at this blogathon.

I'm a person who makes resolutions regardless of the occasion. Whether I keep them up or not is a post for another day. Well, this year, what are my resolutions?

  - Be better : at parenting,at work, at keeping stress at bay, at ignoring people what others say or think about me, keeping in touch with people,at using my time effectively.

How was 2016?  Well, most part of the year was spent with our little Ajju, .Spent on changing nappies, getting her to sit in car seat/pram, getting her to eat and sleep. All these may look to be normal in the daily routine of an infant/toddler, but we create a scene and do drama for all of these. They are all still work in progress..

I hardly (should read: never) had any time or spent any time on grooming myself or reading a book. Always used to go out in the clothes that I was in at the moment. Didn't read beyond 3 pages(so embarrassing to even mention this). But, did watch quite a few movies and caught up with some few Pakistani dramas and some ITV shows. Would like to change some of these this year for the better.

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