Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What to write??? Travel it is

Just as I'm wondering what to post today, a colleague of mine asks where I travelled to  over the Christmas-new year break. I replied that I was at home. There was an immediate surprise element and a few more repetition of the same question: " really you didn't go anywhere??" Nejama sir, I stayed put at home. Next interrogation was where all I have traveled to. This will be the topic for today..Now where all I have traveled to, but my opinions on travel.

I used to want to travel a lot, see the world when I was in my early twenties (well, I'm sure getting older now).As years went by, the intensity of the desire did come down, but yes, the desire was still there..Fast forward to now, I'm not craving travel and seeing places as much as I used to is my current mental state. This can change in due course getting me back to where I was, but for now, travel is not on my top priority list. After we came to the UK, a few started suggesting where all I can go during what seasons (even without my asking) and after a year, when we didn't do the tick-mark of the usual European places, the conversation went to : so, you have not even seen Italy/[insert any country,place]. 

Well, people, not all of the human race has the desire to travel just like you do. And more importantly, people do undergo phases and they may be in a phase where travel may not be on their priority. So, there is nothing to be condescending when you get to know someone is not as well traveled as you are. 

Going,seeing places/people definitely widens one's perspective, but what of those who don't have the opportunity to travel. What of those who have time and energy to make only ends meet. So, let's stop judging people based on anything for that matter..And you, you, even if you judge me, I don't care..I have a blog where I can write/vent :-) :-)

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