Thursday, January 5, 2017

An incident post demonetisation

A few days after the demonetisation happened, I happened to shop at a local vegetable bazaar and tried to do a card transaction for 200 odd INR. Inspite of scratching (yes, literally she scratched it rather than swiping) multiple times, the transaction wouldnt go through and the sales lady showed me proof that my transaction didnt go through and I scrapped my purse to collect whatever money I had to pay in. I just had a word with the manager and moved on to other stuff.

Fast forward two days later, my bank statement shows 3 debits and only 2 credits for the aforesaid transaction. So, the amount has been debited once. I go to the manager of the store and with no bill or proof of my bank statement at hand and inform him that there have been 3 debits and only 2 credits. Immediately, the manager took money from his pocket and asked me how much he needs to give me and handed over hot cash.

I was pleasantly surprised by his action. He didnt ask me a single question and simply believed in my words. For that matter, I'm not even a regular customer (my mother is, but not sure if he spotted my mom along with me while we shopped the other day).

Vaazhga such men and hoping people dont make "use" of such men and play dirty : else, even these few men would change their ways. 

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