Monday, January 2, 2017

Onto some AAA stuff..

Ajju loves AAA batteries since they are quite smaller and she can quietly sneak it in her mouth and bite us when we try to remove it from her mouth..

AA batteries come a close second and they are used to mimic cigarettes for her( sathiyama,enga veetula yaarum pugai pidikala)..

The moment she puts any non-ergonomic stuff in her mouth,she will keep her lips so tightly closed :-) 

But,present her any edible stuff, not a single piece or morsel gets the bagyam to entering her highness' mouth.

We have sleep songs, starting from twinkle twinkle little star when she was an infant to the recent pachai mayil vahanane..She shakes her body as if dancing, even when she's going to sleep. 

When we adults laugh out loud for something, she also strata laughing giving an expression that she also wants to join in the merry :-)

When either her dad or momma casually puts their arm around the other, she will spot it and waste no time in coming to us, remove the said arm and sit exactly in between us !! Who taught her all this??

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