Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Of walking backwards ..

so what I missed posting for 4 days? Programming resumes today

Ajju had a lick of hand sanitiser yday and gave me a scare. Little munchkin. Give her anything edible, she will examine it like a researcher if the said item has made punniyams to be held by her..Any non-edible stuff, especially those that needs to be kept away from children : she will not bat an eyelid and grab it with so much glee. I washed myself after nappy change and my bad (yes, it was my mistake, again), I put a drop of hand sanitiser in her palm and before I could place the said bottle and turn to her (not even a second,huh) she licked it. After that started my rounds of calling the doctor, googling, more googling, asking her carers to keep an eye on her , annoying her daddy and her ammamma and getting myself paranoid..

The first pram that we bought for her can be made street-facing when the child is in sitting/sleeping . Only when we place a car seat can the child be parent facing. (Its a story for another day how we bought another pram) . Even when she was a baby,she liked to observe the world around her. So, when there are a group of kids playing in the park and once we cross the park, she would let out a cry asking that she wants to continue watching the big children. I cant ask them to come and do entertainment in front of my baby.can I? Next, I also need to get moving beyond a certain time , for I would have stepped out to get some work done. So, solution : walk backwards..so that the little munchkin can keep watching the other kids, I can move forward (by walking backwards :) ) and cover a certain distance. 

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