Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dishyum Dishyum

Among many fantasy inspired thoughts I had, one of it was that when a couple welcome a baby, they also welcome a even stronger relationship between them which has very less fights and misunderstandings ..Thanks to all the dialogues in movies and soaps , this thought only strengthened within me. When S and I used to fight earlier, I used to convince myself and even vocalize to S that once we have a baby, we may have very less tiffs.

Ajju graces our lives and home. Now, we seem to fight more. Well, read as : I seem to fight more with S than earlier. I lose patience with him more easily, spurt out unnecessary words, pick up a fight for silly stuff , have disagreements on some of the aspects of his parenting and what not..

Not sure if I'm the only one on this boat or is it normal? Inspite of the fact that I keep taking a oath to myself that from today, from tomorrow, from now on I need to be very nice to S but I have been failing in actions many a times these days(:

With the list of things to do at home, with baby, at work, I dont seem to find enough time to even internalize it , feel guilty and come out with a stronger resolve. I dont know why I fight so much. S being the sweetheart that he is, has been very understanding and being quite adjusting, forgiving and forgetting. But, I cant test his patience right.
I have read elsewhere that women tend to forget (well, put husband in backseat) their husbands when a baby arrives, atleast in the initial few years. Now, I'm realizing what they meant by it and I'm also one of them. But, I want to come out of it., soon, now. Along with this blogathon, I'm going to try and be nice to S(read: dont start a fight) one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time and make it a habit forever. Please wish me in this endeavor.  Universe, please conspire and help both of us feel better.


  1. Best wishes for our endeavors and I hope if you make a determined start, you can achieve this goal too.
    Happy to connect via the NaBloPoMo :)
    Keep writing, I too am trying to do the same.

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  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.