Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Story behind a random dog on the street

Most of the 55-ers that I write are based on real-life incidents with some bits of fiction here and there. The previous one "55er-Waht goes around comes around"  also falls in the same category. 

My mother has regularly observed that a lady walks her dog in the street in the evening and every single day, the dog would go near a tulasi plant and do its job. Amma tried asking the lady if she could train the dog to do it elsewhere. For which, the lady replied saying, it’s a dog and the dog will behave as per its wishes and nothing can be done about it.  

I’m no expert in pets, but from what I’ve heard,read and seen on media, a dog can be trained, I guess. If that’s not the case, will the owners allow the dog to use their entire house as a rest-room for dogs? Its hard to believe for me. When amma narrated me this incident, I asked her not to get disturbed and since she has already done her part of requesting the dog-owner, there is nothing much she could do about it. 

A few months later, after we moved in here, I do see bins placed on the roads, especially in residential neighborhoods that clearly says “dog litter”. And I see a lot of elderly gentlemen having a plastic cover or two in their pockets and they pick up the stuff done by their dogs and use the bins to dispose them. On seeing this the first time, I spent quite some time thinking about it and inspite of having a plastic cover and washing their hands later some 150 times, at that instant, what makes a person pick it up ? Do they consider this their moral duty as the government/society has placed bins for this purpose or even if they don’t prefer it, they do it because others do the same or what is it? 

We cannot expect our society in India to get this kind of attitude overnight or even in 10 years. But, at the least, when the dog is with the owner on the roads/areas used by general population, can they train their pets to do its job in places that are not accessed by humans?


  1. I totally agree Ramya. Forget dogs, what about humans?! Thats the state of our nation. Sigh.

    1. seriously,GB. There are some human culprits all over the world, I guess, because I used to remember the rest room incident that you had blogged about earlier when I find dirty restroom here as well,though its once in a while (: