Thursday, January 29, 2015

All in a days work.

I compromised on breakfast today for I wanted to come a bit early than regular to avoid all the team members turning and giving me a look when I enter atleast for one day in a week. Only to come to office and notice that more than half the team is not to be seen and most of them are on leave and the rest are yet to turn up! Phew! I would have atleast had another toast!

With no mood to work, I thought of picking up stuff that I did a few months ago , check whethere everything is working and may be make some changes to them. Only to find that the previously-working-stuff is Just not working today!! Gah!

In a mood to listen to music hoping it will lift up my spirits, I open and select on a song and that simply doesnt play!! Inspite of checking the headphones, Sound Application on PC, when I try to close the tab, it says "Song Playing.Do you still want to close it?". Pff! Where is it playing ?Not in my PC! Pfff..

I had thought of joining the lunch group today after a brief gap of few days (where I had at my desk) ,only to find that my stomach has started giving me frequent notices starting at 11:45 when the usual lunch time for our group is 12:30 and then find a table and begin to eat. Hmmm..

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