Friday, January 2, 2015

First day to school/work after break : Fiction in 55

Watching children board the school bus, Shantha felt she had forgotten what it was like to go to school. After a long Christmas break ,she was getting ready to go to work and had an unusual feeling the whole morning. That's when she realized she felt like a child who HAS to go to school .


  1. Wow! Nice one. Love this 55er thing you write :)

  2. hahaha aren't we all similar to Shantha? Nice one Ramya :) Now where are your other post?

    1. Thank you GB :) I did a slight tweak in the blogging marathon rules and made weekend to be holiday :) :) Vedalam murunga maram yerina madhiri , eppadi intha laziness,procastination ellam avvalavu seekaram pogidum (: