Sunday, January 18, 2015


Watched Lingaa today. I would like to call myself a Ulaganayagan fan rather than a Superstar fan. Not sure how this bias settled , but as far as my memory can go, I've been biased this way. However, I have watched a lot of thalaivar movies too.

After watching this movie,I wonder what is different in here that the director is trying to convey? It's a regular masala with flashback and revolves around the hero (especially Super star,in this case) doing good for the society inspite of all the hurdles that he comes across. Just because Rajni has to act in a movie set in pre-independence era (to equal the score with Kamal ??) and show this patriotic fever, is it necessary to make a movie and put a check mark?

As long as the make-up artist for Rajni is active , none of the heroes need to worry. All of them act pair with heroines who would have grown up with their own children. I feel There is no point in just expressing this concern in speeches, why not put them into action? Why do these yester year actors always want to be seen as main-roles in big screen? Even the legend, Nadigar Thilagam has played the role of father, grand-father in many movies. Why not these Heros take a cue from them? 

All in all, a time pass for 2 hours 47 minutes.

P.S: when I rant these points to the husband, he has a straight forward answer: "Appuram edhuku kan kottama paakara? Unna madhiri paakara aalunga irukardhu nala than, the entire crew gets all the courage to make any kind of movie". 

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