Monday, January 12, 2015


This is a cheat post..There are a few posts, especially the one which is a follow-up to the previous one needs to be completed and published, which hopefully I'll do it soon.

For me, its not just monday mornings, but the blues extend untill monday noons. Especially when untill a few years ago, there used to be monday morning status meetings and we all used to hate that and hence we forced the management to change it to tuesdays.

Monday mornings are when the body and the mind just wouldn't budge to whatever commands one gives to it and would want to curl up in the bed for extra 5 minutes which sometimes extend to more than 1/2 an hour.

And offlate, during Monday's lunch, people will go around the table telling how their weekend was and when many in the group would give a gist of the the various "exciting stuff" they did over the weekend ,it doesnt bother me one bit to reply in a single word "nothing,just lazed around in the house".

I usually feel too sleepy on Monday afternoons. On some mondays, I would yawn so much as if any on-looker would think I havent slept properly in months.

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