Friday, July 5, 2013

Time to Stand and Stare

Invariably, most  of the work-days, irrespective of whether I wake up early or not, I always rush in the last moment and make S wait for me..I can count the number of days when I have left the house first and S has followed me..So, what makes me rush ? I spend some time in the mornings to just stand and stare :)

 I spend precious morning time to stand and stare..Yes, it has become a habit now and I don't seem to have qualms about spending time not doing anything productive, but just stand and stare..

A few random observations that are registered in my mind while I involve myself in this activity:
-- crows cawing,
-- dogs playing run and catch
--the sound of train and people standing near the compartment doors and their expectant faces(though from a distance)
--the car cleaning boy who is growing taller day by day
-- the milkman who checks the token and puts in that many number of milk packets
--paperwala riding with a little boy in the pillion and this little boy gets the practical experience to throw papers even upto three floors 
--random uncle and aunty walking with hand-in-hand 
--uncle with a huge dog going on a jog
--IT/BPO employees getting ready and waiting for their pick-up vehicles even before the sun is out day in and day out.
--little children with back-packs all ready to face their day
-- the thatha who inspite of having trouble in walking properly, makes it a point to carry flowers in his head and shout "ooa ma oova.."
-- granny who carries real huge load of palak and sabzi and flowers in her head every single day
-- the palak wala who stops his bicycle in a corner to releive himself..(eeks..seriously since then,I have stopped buying from him!!, but no point in feeling disgusted..such is the state of our country where these street vendors have no choice )

Anyways, do I get any work done in this "observation period"? ..Nope..Do I get some kinda peace ?..Hmm..I really dont know..but what I can say is, doing this does clear my mind even if it is for a brief period..I just dont think about anything..not even the fact that its getting late to office..My mind just goes blank when I indulge in this morning routine of observation..I also relax myself saying that I might not have the luxury of engaging myself in this routine once the baby arrives, untill then, i tell myself to take it easy..I dont remember how this habit got itself established or how long have I been engaging myself in this, but just wanted to record it here..

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