Sunday, July 7, 2013

A random post

Weekend was quite hectic  , what with all philosophy , status-quo, questioning discussion with the better half on Saturday ( the long hours of talking, thinkinga nd listening tired me out :))  and the stock-piling, random shopping and house-hunting on Sunday is also taking a toll on the body..So, this is a random post of my observations this last 2 days :

- That maids also feel the 'Monday-morning blues" the day they return to work after a break. So, I assume, irrespective of whatever work we do, the blues still exist..Yeah..why cant we have a simple world where there is no competition, no need to earn/slog to lead a decent living and that there is equality everywhere..

-That it is OK to ask the price of every vegetable in Hopcoms before you buy. I kept asking the price of vegetable before I asked him to pick some and put on the weighing machine. The guy started getting a little anxious when I asked the price of the 10th vegetable that I was buying, bit if he doesnt put up the price tag or a board that displays the cost of each item, how are the customers supposed to decide which one to buy,that too in these days where veggie prices are sky-rocketing..

-Was shocked to find that a small sccop of icecream in Baskin Robins cost 110 bucks..I thought Hagen Daz  has such expensive ice-cream and the quality of their product too is quite supreme. Been a while since we went to BR, since we are Corner House loyals these days, but just for a break, went to BR and decided never to return here. The quality is not great either. When asked why it costs so much, they say this flavor is a "divine" one and so is the cost !.

-  Sale season has begun this year and there is sale in every shop that you turn to. And these shops are teeming with people. There are more men in the ladies section than women themselves, all them dragging bags and searching through mounds of clothes .. If only they allowed to capture a few pics, I would have..Even with me, S  goes through sections and picks out clothes which he likes. There are many men who do that. But, today whatever I saw was heights..I saw a few men rummaging through the pile of clothes and looking at each one of them to check if that would suit the person for whomever they are choosing, I saw men in leggings table, where they were suggesting what their female shopper should take.

- Finding a house for rent in Bangalore seems to be a herculean task these days. All brokers also take holidays on weekends when we have time only on weekends. It was quite startling to hear questions from the broker asking for our age, which companies do we work for, which caste we belong to (I had told we are vegetarians prior to these questions)!! All of these even before seeing the house. From when on, did the brokers and owners start asking for such details even before taking a look and liking and willing to rent it out. And what rudeness is it to ask for caste details. What is the use of education and living abroad and claiming to be living in a open-minded society when our own minds are really small..I just cudnt take it. And as long as whoever is renting pays the rent, how does it matter which company he/she works for? And looks the tenant might have to take permission from the owner before switching jobs or even before appearing for an interview call..Huff..Just unable to take all this..

More later..Have a Good week!

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