Sunday, July 7, 2013

Movie Mania

Movies are not a regular part of my life off-late..While growing up, during those doordarshan days, we would wait for the Sunday evening movie and the occasional viewing in theaters..Looking back, I can say that I had visited the movie halls more number of times during growing up years than in adulthood years so far. Then came the Sun TV and all other channels under its hood, movies became a routine then..But the boredom struck soon and though there were movies that were telecast round the clock, the interest waned..
Thanks to a few acquaintances these days, I do get a regular supply  of movies , good print that too within a  short period after the movies is released. I had posted about "seasons" here : and now, its the movie season that is going on at my end..Heres a list of few movies that I watched recently  and my take on them:

Chennaiyil Oru Naal: Heard this is based on a real-life incident, though I havent yet googled to verify the same(quite surprising considering my affinity to open up google for anything and everything) . Its about how the heart of one patient is transferred to another from Chennai to Vellore. A little too dragging in between ..You feel as if the director is taking through every single stretch of the Chennai-Vellore route, at times. If its indeed a real story, I fail for words as to what to attribute to the parents of the one whose heart is going to be removed while the patient is alive.

Viswaroopam : Yes, I watched this one only last week, though this one has been with me for a long time now. I read reviews of this one while it was released and didnt get the urge to watch it then. Btw, what in the movie has made kamal spend 100crore for this one? If you can point out, I'm curious to know. The first song , the kathak one, is pleasing to hear and the choreography is done well. Other than this, was there any other song that can be repeated over and listened to? I don't remember now..And Andrea's role in this movie is no insignificant.What is Mr.Kamal trying to convey here , for all the hype around this movie.

Raanjhaana : Danush's acting is good..Though the story line is one of the typical ones, boy -loves-girl, girl-loves -someone else, boy is mad about he girl etc, for the elements of muslim-hindu and the elections ,the benarasi slang etc, this can be a one-time watch movie. A good time-pass though.Sonam Kapoor's acting is also good. And music is also pleasing to the ears.

Kai Po Che: A bunch of new faces. It says this movie is adapted from "The three mistakes of my life" by Chetan Bagat. I havent read the book and started watching without any expectations. A bunch of fresh faces, three of them. Untill the middle of the movie , there is the story line of these three friends wanting to make it in life, their business in sports academy and how one among them is a cricketer and finds a young talent and coaches this young one. After the intermission, you kind of start getting a hint of what is to come. The story covers cricket, the sabarmati incident followed by Godhra and some tid-bits of crush and love. a good movie to watch.

Soodhu Kavvum :  Quite a different genre in the regular love-story movies in Tamil. A little hilarious too. Story revolves around how a group survives by engaging in kidnapping without getting caught and what happens when they kidnap the finance ministers son. As I mentioned, different from regular stories and can be watched once.

Neram : The story of this movie is what happens when a person's time is not well and if at all Mother Time decides to smile on you, then, how things take a turn and life looks suddenly brighter . A different genre and good to watch.

While on movies, I remember going to an evening show with my garndmother for the movie "Paati Solla Thatadhey" and crying in the middle of the movie wanting to go to home and be with Amma. And also remember accompanying the newly-wed aunt and uncle to Anjali. As a womens team, along with amma, aunt,granny and cousins remember watching Vetri Vizha in movie theatre. When we were a little older, the oldest cousin accompanied all of us younger ones to Ponnumani. And Thevan Magan was watched sitting in stool  in the last rows of the fully packed theatre.

During VCR/VCP days, watched Alaipayuthey in cycles for 7 times. Mouna Ragam is one movie which I love to watch anyday. Remember calling up the cable guy umpteen times as to why cable signal is not proper when Mouna Ragam was being telecast many years ago when a cousin was visiting us. A very mature beautiful love story in it.

Want to hit thebed now. More on movies in another post.

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