Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Short story

V and S are good friends and they decided to purchase an apartment and zeroed in on one and paid the advance. A little later V changes his mind and decides to withdraw from this one and chooses to buy elsewhere. Reason being most of the owners of the flats in this complex belong to the community/region as S,and V thinks he would not have company or would feel out of place.. Anyways,he finds another one where most of the owners belong to his community and in no time,Vand his wife settle in the new place..Only to realise shortly that due to the unknown ways life unfolds for each one of us,most of V's acquaintances happen to live elsewhere and not move here for various reasons..V now gets to live with neighbours who belong to a diverse ethnic groups.

The above story s based on. Real life incident Zi heard today,tweaked a
Title bit..I couldnt understand to what extent people crave for community based links even after securing so called higher education,high standard of working and living conditions

What  does our education/value/family system provide us if they can't teach and help us to co-exist with each other . At what point do we as humans start differentiating and basing ourselves towards religious/ethnic groups? What's the point of rocket science and technology innovations that happen every other day if we lack the basic human instinct to treat and consider all as mere humans..too many questions in my head..good night .

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