Sunday, July 1, 2012

Give it a Try what I'm thinking right now..Try what? Try out writing one post every day of this month..I've gone  aww  at many bloggers whom I visit regularly when they have participated in this blogathon and have posted interesting posts all through the said month..I'm not sure if I can write interesting posts ,but nevertheless, I'm going to atleast try and write one post every day this month..On days that I'm out of town and dont have access to internet, probably I can excuse myself, but otherwise, let me give it a try..

29th of June was spent deciding whether to do the loong pending trip to Guruvayoor this weekend or postpone the trip to the next weekend..S decided that we would do the trip the next weekend and I agreed too..Rather, I also felt somewhere in some corner that we would do the trip the next weekend...But, as time flew by, my monkey like mind started changing and I started thinking if we should do it this week itself..By the time S came home, it was quite late and he was quite pissed that I never stand by any decision..But, I had my own reasons why I wanted to do the trip this weekend..So, Saturday, 30th of June was spent over brooding in the initial part of the day, later, went to post office to do the PPF stuff which was also loong pending..Then, from I Nagar, we took the Metro to MG Road , then walked to Com-Street.. The Metro was surprisingly less crowded than the other weekends that we've traveled.. We are looking to do a cover for the Sony as its accumulating dust, our intention of going to Com-St was to buy some material with which we can get the cover stitched..Only after we checked a couple of stores, I realized that we already have a bundle of material , which could be used..So, we went around aimlessly towards Safina Plaza where some art and craft exhibition was going on and picked up some beaded jewellery..God knows when I'm gonna use them..

Anyways, the purchase was made and we also bought some figs and star fruits from a vendor there and proceeded to 1 MG Road, the new mall on the junction of Trinity circle..(I'm on a spree trying different varieties of fruits..It started with S buying litchies and plums on Thursday, 28th June) Other than the usual branded stores that we see in every other mall, we proceeded directly to the Food Hall..Picked up blue-berries, peaches, droolled over the other exotic fruits from different countries , some veggies, tortilla chips , ate mini pizza, spinach and mushroom quiche and mushroom calzone..The calzone is simply not worth trying one another time, it was just a bun, which costed us 70 bucks..We almost came outside the mall, only to go back again to Hagen Dazs icecream parlour inside the mall..S and I shared a banana split with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-creams ..Yummmm it was..It was the first time I am having a taste of this brand of ice-cream and now I'm in Loveee with it!! A little steeply priced, but the quality is awesome..I never thought I would like Vanilla flavour soo much!!
After relishing the ice-cream, we called it a day and returned back home!

At the end of the day (and when while we were aimlessly walking in Commercial Street), I couldnt help but think about  my colleague  (and many like her , some of my accquaintances , relatives included..) who will visit Comm Street or any shopping area almost every week, not to purchase, but for time-pass and generally look at what each shop has in store, etc..I wonder how they have the patience and the interest they have in window shopping..Kudos to them..I feel its a skill by itself to have the interest in engaging in window-shopping..


  1. Interesting post.
    Well when I want to shop for something, I always go by myself, for it is better to go without the husband, who hates shopping. I usually start around 1pm and return home only by anywhere between 6.30- 7.30. After I have purchased the things , I just like to window shop, and eat something, if i am hungry.
    I only wish the buses to Whitefield were more frequent, for we find only buses going to ITPL, which does not touch Whitefield, it is a big hassle to change buses.
    I think it is a good idea to try and write something every day.
    It was good reading your blog.

    1. Thanks for your kind words,Rama.At times, shopping by ourselves is so much fun..I've experienced this too while my workplace previously used to be near Commercial St. I also share the same concern regarding switching buses..When my workplace was near ITPL, and if it was a team lunch in any restaurant in Whitefield, some of my team members had to be reminded to bring their cars to work so that we could avoid switching two buses..I've seen autos in Whitefield area not having a meter and they charge exhorbitantly for 4-5 km distance.

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