Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Post 3: How time flies..especially faster on weekends

Yes, during my everyday ritual of blog-hopping the various blogs that I've book-marked, came across this recent post by the multi-talented blogger Preeti Shenoy :  http://justamotheroftwo.blogspot.in/2012/07/where-do-weekends-vanish.html   as to how weekends pass by within a wink of an eye..

Yes, especially ever since I changed jobs last year, being busy , very busy during weekdays make me do all the other house-hold stuff, shopping etc only on weekends . And weekends also are the only time I get to sleep late and wake up very late in the mornings and by the time lunch is over, it gets past 12, and you dont want to hurry up- ie, conscioulsy make sure you dont do things in a hurry..So, relax after food, and if there is any post-office /bank chore that needs to be done, you better run before they close in early in the only day that you get to catch hold of them..
Even otherwise, considering the traffic in Bangalore , and consideirng S and I who hate driving or shopping when the crowd is at its peak, its better we start in the early hours of evening..So, there..one day of the weekend is gone even before you realised it started..Sleep late and wake up late the next day..Do the lunch stuff, and have a good hair massage and hair wash only to have a good and a much wanted nap in the noon, wake up to get the opportunity to try out some evening tiffin , read a book, reply back emails, surf, and start thinking about Monday morning and yet another week at work!

Why cant we be given a mid-week holiday or atleast half a day off in the middle of the week, just to take a break..A topic for another post as to how organizations really allow "flexi-time" and work from home options and  my take on those later..

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