Sunday, June 24, 2012

New addition

And so, we welcomed a new television to our home on the 3rd of June, 2012. Welcome, buddy! May you be a source of happiness at our place! S and I have been thinking about and wanting to replace our old dabba for quite some time now and simply didnt get to pay and buy one. The time came when we HAD to buy a new one. On the Saturday , 2nd June, the old guy suddenly wouldn't show any picture..I was just then serving lunch to MIL and S, I had served them rasam and went inside to place the rasam and bring in some veggies..While I went in, I saw that some program on SUN TV was being played and while I turned back from kitchen, I saw nothing, I thought probably, the remote fell off or probably there was a power cut..Only when I came back with veggies, found that the old guy simply wouldn't power up at all..We anyways, got the old one repaired, looks like the Power Supply Unit went bad and that was replaced..We are yet to use it again!. In the meantime, welcome , Sony Bravia..May your arrival be the beginning of many good happenings/goodies in our lives!

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