Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post 5: God's particle and such..

Every single time I cut a  banana flower, I get transported to a world filled with wonder and amazement. While I peel one layer after another , the wonder only grows multifold..Atlast, when I reach the tiny little cone piece, I wouldnt have the mind to chop it, and would simply feel happy at merely looking at it with no specific reason at all.. The thought process while I'm engaged with the act of chopping include , in no specific order :- "How did the banana flower get formed? ie, who or how was it created or came into existence for the first time? Look at the layers, how was it decided that it would be formed in this manner. salute to Mother Nature!etc".Marvelling at this piece of creation has become a common routine with me..I agree that there are innumerable(in fact, every single creation, every single stuff on earth is a marvel only!)  creations which induce curiosity, which gives us joy on merely taking a look ,gives us peace within .  But, for me, I've come to realize that this simple act of chopping a banana flower provokes a flood of thought and gives a sense of calm by diverting my thoughts towards a supreme force/mother nature..I get a child-like enthusiasm , though for fleeting time, to have a desire to know how it was first formed..During this period, the theory of evolution and all that science is pushed behind and somehow the belief of existence of a greater power sets within my mind.
I think I'm rambling here, sitting and typing out after  chopping a banana stem. Though it was stem today, my thoughts were towards its cousin, the flower and  so am I rambling here..
Newspapers and news websites are filled with news about the discovery of God's particle. Is'nt every creation a God's particle?

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