Monday, July 2, 2012

Post -2: Astro

not about astronauts or astro physics..This post is about astrology and the effect that it has on me..
I dont remember believing too much on astrology or horoscope reading while growing up. Neither do I remember seeing my mom doing such consultations..Both my parents are God-fearing, spiritual and religious. Our association with astrology started before my wedding , more specifically when the alliance of S came to my parents..The astrologers words were taken very seriously once he did the match of S's and mine and the rest is history...There were many obstacles before S and I were united, but finally, we tied the knot.In hindsight, I'm not sure whether to call it destiny or whether to believe in horoscope reading and astrology..And I'm still not decided, even now..

Ever since, our families have consulted so many astrologers that I 've stopped counting the number. May be, just for the sake of recording and to read about all these years later, I need to document the names and the circumstances that led us to these astrologers..And the total that we have paid for astrology section of our lives so far is huge .(If S reads this, he would say: You are talking as if these astrologers forced you to consult with them..Its your fool hardiness and you pay price for it!..Hmm I agree with you S, but..there is always a big BUT..) .Ok, back to the main topic..

A little over our first wedding anniversary, my mom took out the horoscopes of mine and S and sent it to her sister to find out when we would become parents. The man looked into our future and had advised my chitti to ask us to try and conceive sooner, else we might face issues for the next year and a half..This was duly conveyed to my mom and it so happened that the same cycle my periods got delayed and my mom started pestering me to consult a Dr , for which I didn't budge and so she called up my MIL to take me to the Dr. This created a mini drama in the house and all came to rest in about a few days time ..Phew!!

Now, after a few months, I miscarried for the first time and I was in such a state after the unfortunate event that even if someone came before me and said I'm God incarnate or I can tell your future by reading your palm, I would have accepted and obliged..Such was my mental state at that time!! So, I also played along with the astro consultation and checked with my parents every now and then as to what each person had to say. The ever curious relatives got hold of our horoscopes and went about their consultations as well (a few joined along with my MIL and a few took the sheets and told that they would visit the person and let the mil know later)..If someone would tell about the miscarriage without us prompting or asking anything, then, my trust towards them increased ..So, one after another, every consultant started giving prophecies of a time line, a window from one month to another month, started giving suggestions of temples, poojas (pariharams) to be performed, and so it went on..I waited, as days passed by, the timeline that each one would give also moved in the future..I miscarried the second time and now, we started moving out of cocoon and started looking astrologers outside our "regulars" . One of my colleagues suggested an astrologer in Mysore whom she consults regularly (once-in a month, that is). Now, I took a DD , and the consultation happened over phone. He is a little different from those who suggest "Go to this temple, do this pooja" types..He suggested keeping away some portion (a handful ) of pulses which he suggested every day and when the quantity is equivalent that it can be donated, give it away in temple or offer it to cow or if these two are not possible, just throw away (the concept is you are trying to put away your sins using these pulses which go away from your hand..Just that they should not stay with you) ..There were many curious well-wishers who claimed that they knew one person or the other who professed accurately for them or to their relatives ..The list went on and its a different blog post about how S and I ended up fighting every day with me trying to force him to visit temples with me and he asking logical questions and calling me a fool to go behind these so called people who claim to know the future..

I miscarried the third time and now, its time for serious look at whats going wrong..Now, I have to mention this: I called up the Mysore astrologer from the hospital when I was recuperating (because he told that I wouldnt miscarry any further) and told him about the event and asked him that things have happened the opposite of what he said..He replied back telling I asked you to try conceiving after March and why I'd panned to conceive before that (It was december then) , for which I replied he didnt specifically mention anything of that kind and thereafter there was no point in arguing or extending the conversation with him, for I was in the hospital bed and helpless..

Now, my  mother starts to consult with astrologers who appear in Television, who write in magazines . My aunts family suggest an astrologer whom they consulted for their 38 year old niece and she got married after doing the pariharam that he suggested. Another nephew of my aunt got married after following his suggestion (looks like they have been searching for a bride for a long time and it clicked only after they did whatever pariharam this astrologer told). My dad went there and I also did what I was asked to do! The most recent one I consulted has suggested a couple of temples for us to visit (thankfully all in the same place) and infact put his foot down and sounded so positive that he called me for a bet and proclaimed that I would have a biological child very soon..I'm waiting to see if his prophecy would come true..

Ok..After these experiences, I'm ambivalent about my attitude towards astrology and astrologers..While I do agree and accept that not every one of them who have a board or claim themselves to be future predictors are not true and at the same time, I also know quite a few of them who have benefitted from this future-prediction stuff..Many of my relatives have found an astrologer for themselves (whom they call "enga veettu josiya karar" similar to family deity!!)  who tend to help them in tough times or warn them appropriately..Why is it that I havent found one for ourselves even after such a long search? Is it that the time of our births is not correct and that the reason whats happening and whats been told by these people are not matching? Whenever my mother visits an astrologer,I've even asked her to tell that we are unsure about the exact time, but somewhere in this 1/2 hour window..Is this whole thing true? is it a science? As much as we believe in God, there are a few who cliam that it is God who has created this shastra and that this is blessed by the Divine himself..As much as I want to move away from this whole stuff, there is some part of me which still feels and thinks that if it can come true to so many of them, then, why cant I be shown the way. If this parihaaram and all that is true, then, why does God want us to come to a particular temple, do the pooja so that we 'll be cured of our sins or reduce the effect of our bad karma? What do people of other faith/religion do? Is there a similar concept in other religions also? Do you believe in astrology? Whats your take?


  1. I believe it is a science, however the time,date etc, should be accurate, for it is all based on calculations.
    However, we cannot be sure of the exact time, for our watch might have a little fast/ slow or the doctor could have been so busy in delivering the child, that he/ she might have not noted down the time exactly, and in that moment,he/she must have just approximately given a time, because people insist on the exact time. The doctor may not be a believer in Astrology, to keep track of the exact seconds/ minutes, so some error could have happened unintentionally.
    It means that we must not become too much a victim of Astrology, especially those kinds who do it as a profession.
    Even if you consult,it is better you go to someone known, and someone who does it as a hobby, and someone who is educated, and does not drag you to do pariharam, visit temples and so on.
    If it worked for some people it is just coincidence, or maybe just by luck, all the information given by them might have been accurate.
    For me too,the few astrologers who were friends of my father, used to tell him that i would get married any time, everytime he went to any one of them to consult regarding my marriage, but it never happened, it took 4 years of search, and finally, when we had almost given up, that my marriage got fixed.
    At least in my case they did not keep telling him to do pariharam, and i am sure my father would not have done also, for he doesn't believe in all these things.
    You must always go with your eyes and mind open, not with the blind belief in anything, for nothing can be very accurate.
    I think you should strictly ask people to keep off from your personal life, and not bother you or your husband with things that will never benefit you people. You should be strong and deal with the situation, and you should stop obsessing about becoming pregnant,for as I have already told you it is not the one and only thing in life.
    Leave it happen or not happen, and don't let it dampen your life, for you have only one life, you can't be wasting this precious life chasing something, that is not exactly in your hands.
    Be happy, and happiness will always follow you.
    This is the advise i would give my daughter too.

    1. Thank you very much for your inputs,Rama. You are bang there.Initially, when the predictions from many astrologers did not hold true, I started questioning the validity of the horoscope at all,ie, the time of birth base don which all this "kattams" are calculated . I've myself asked an astrologer if the exact time is required and the answer I got was a fudge factor of 15 minutes will not matter.As of now,I don't have any comments on this as I don't have knowledge of assessing whether the exact time matters or not.I let it go and finding that letting go is lighter than having too many questions for which I might or might not get answers.

      On consulting an astrologer who does it as a hobby, yes,my friend has recommended one who knows to asses but doesnt know to tell pariharams etc..This person was on my list, but now,I'm not too keen on consulting him now. I hope my mind stays sane like this :)

      Thank you so much again Rama. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  2. My heart goes out for you. I hope and pray for the good news soon. I do not believe in Astrology but I believe in the god almighty. Have you consulted top doctors in Chennai?(I am assuming you live there) I would rather believe in god and science than astrology. My 2 cents.

    1. Thank you so much for your wishes ! Yes, Mahes, have consulted Doctors in bangalore,Coimbatore and Chennai.On the lighter side, My husband used to tease that only medical college students are yet to be consulted:) The happenings in life are only increasing my belief in Almighty than astrology.Thanks again :)

    2. SM - One word of suggestion, I am from Coimbatore too, have you consulted doctor Miruthubashini? She helped my aunt conceive. All the very best.

    3. Mahes..I've heard of Dr.Mrithubashini.But, havent consulted her yet..I've consulted Dr.Lalitha Vijayakumar and Dr.Kannagi Uthraraj in Coimbatore..Neenga Kovaiaa?Nam Oor pakama :) . Thanks Mahes for your suggestion and wishes..SO, whats harvesting in your garden?

    4. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    5. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    6. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    7. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    8. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    9. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...

    10. SM - naanum kovai than :) Nice to come across a fellow coimbatorean. Right now we have apples, tomatoes, chillies, bell peppers etc...