Sunday, June 3, 2012


As much as I can recollect, I've liked, enjoyed getting wet, be it drenching in rain (not heavy rain, but the drizzling types..), be it washing my feet umpteen times during the day, or enjoying the beach waves crashing on me by asking for extra 5 minutes whenever being return.I've always wanted to learn swimming..At college,the shyness (whatever that was at that time!) of those ten years and the scare from few of my batch mates who went for swimming class about the trainer etc didn't inspire me to sign on for the class..
Later , the desire took a back seat and once in a while, it used to pop up and a search for swimming class, trainers , suitable time etc would happen in the heat of the moment only to die down within a short time span.

Finally, the time came,(Thanks to that!) and I enrolled in the class..Here again, I need to mention that afetr enquiring about the class and after doing apool visit and told the trainer that I would join the week after next week, I only went and enrolled 2 weeks later..Better late than never and this time, it happened..I enrolled for the weekend class in a swimming camp that was being conducted in the pool inside a school..M, being whoever he is , have always been supportive of my attempts and agreed to chauffeur me around.

First day, first , walking in the water to get accustomed to the water, then, immersing in the water with head completely down, then, trying to hold on to the sides and lifting the body and float , in order to practice breath control..On all this, I felt awesome being in water, the weightlessness it offered etc..It was cool to swim!! (Little did I know what was welcoming me the next day :))

Second day , a quick recap of whatever was learnt the first day, later, I was asked to flap my legs in an up-down rhythm . Which I simply couldn't, I struggled..I was only getting the cycling motion , but the up-down motion that was required to push myself forward..I felt pathetic, repeated trials and being shown how the leg movement needs to be did not help..(:  I was just this close to quitting..I'd almost decided that  I wouldnt get the tactic(: Phew!! All for a wish and desire , that too a loong one which has materialised only now!!

At this point, I have to mention one point : Afterthe first da of the class, S asked me teasingly if I'm done with learning to swim, and the answer I gave was " Yes, I'm done, half way"..All for the comfort of just floating and not bothering to move my butt one bit on Day One. Had I an inkling idea of what was to come next day, I wouldnt have dared to make this response..

Swimming adventure/exploration to be continued ..

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