Thursday, May 10, 2012


On the 3rd of May , 2012, something that M made an allegation towards me, provoked me and I simply couldn't control myself that day..Ok, the provocation was nothing but M claimed something that I didnt tell as being uttered by me..On a hindsight, I wonder why this particular aspect provoked me..because, it s quite frequent or rather it has become quite frequent off late these days that both of us claim that the other said something while the person in qn responds back that he/she, this is not an event that is peculiar and warrants a fight, but my emotions burst out when this allegation was made and tears flowed like rain and I sat untill 3 in the morning to pen down a letter to the better half.
I poured down 30% of what was boiling with and writing definitely helped..It eased the heart and mind ..Thats when I realized that I should write more often


  1. Hi SM,

    Writing down your feelings helps. If you don't mind, I would suggest reading self help books.

  2. Hi SM,
    It is true write down all your feelings, better still use the computer to jot down all your feelings, and do read them, and after reading just delete them. You would realise as you read, half of it does seem rather silly.
    It is a good way to release all our pent up emotions, and feel totally free, and evolved, at peace with ourselves and the world.
    As for the swimming part, for some of us it does take time, but it doesn't matter, for eventually we would get there. I had the same problem when I learnt swimming.
    All the best!

    1. Exactly Rama, you are bang there..But, somehow, I'vent gotten around deleting them..Will probably give it a try..
      years ago, when i was struggling to come to terms with my miscarriages and with all aspects of life, I used to write long letters to the husband , finding fault with very silly stuff that he or his kin said or did and hand it over to him.He would silently read it and give it back to me..Now, when I was cleaning up cup-board, I found a letter written in those days and just cant help but laugh out lound..How silly I have been..Now, having matured (if not to a great extent, but definitely one step ahead than where I used to be then)I cant imagine how such silly things have affected me greatly then..Instead such times could have een put to better use..
      Thanks for the encouraging words..I hope to learn and enjoy swimming..