Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swimming class adventures

After the 2nd day of swimming, I was in a dilema whethere I need to continue the classes or come to a conclusion that I'm not cut out for this and call it quits..I took tips from S, tried to do the leg movement by lying on stomach in the bed at home and asked him to check if the technique I was doing was right or not..All was well at home, as it cant be as floating in water and splashing your legs..Anyways, I tried to think through it over the week whenever I found some time, and the next Saturday came so soon and the thought of going to the class did not excite as much as it did the previous week..

Anyways, I still went, now,a fellow student who is a senior to me in the class, helped by doubling as y trainer..She gave me some tips, encouraged me when I did it right, motivated to set the goal and cross the lap..Thank you SriVidhya , your tips and motivation did really mean a lot..Because, when the trainer just asked me to practice and went about instructing so many others, you did give me personal attention, held my thighs, moved my legs and literally made me do 20 leg movements and said you wouldn't leave until I did..Thank you so very much.  My interest towards swimming increased from its low ebb the previous week just because you helped me and made me swin across from one to another. Else, I would have been stuck at that level, for God knows hoe long..Thanks again

So, with help from SV, I began to do laps across the pool, sometimes managing to reach the other end , at other times, stopping in the middle in short of breath.

The fourth day of the class, I tried to do more laps by swimming from one end to another and when I felt the need for learning the next step, the trainer asked me to practice this same step as she said I was not ready for the next step yet..So, I started swimming from one end to another, when suddenly , half way through the class, the trainer taught the next step, of hand movement along with leg movements while swimming..Again, this is going to be another big milestone to achieve..I will require practice before I can do this..While I was practicing this hand movement technique, the trainer commented that " You ar doing like a ROBOT" :)::):).. For, I would do the movement of the right hand first, then, start with the left hand , whereas there needs to be a co-ordained movement of both hands..Lets see when I can master this technique..

Another point which I wanted to mention is: I did not expect so many ladies in the class, who had enrolled to learn..There are so many women, though I haven't counted, but the batch can easily be passed of for a ladies batch..In the previous swimming camps I have gone and inquired in the past, I always got a reply that there are either 1 or 2 ladies who have enrolled..But, here, there are so many and I'm happy to have enrolled and begun to learn..


  1. You learning swimming?? Cool re...

    I have a phobia in that area...I always think I will drown :D


    1. Welcome Visha..
      Though I was enthued to learn, the first day, briefly during the first 1/2 an hr, when they teach you stuff that will help you get accostomed to water, I also had a feeling if I would drown, especially, for the first time, when they ask you to float with your head inside the water..

  2. I dont think I can ever learn to swim... I am afraid of water... May be learning to swim will help.. but I am not ready to even try...

    Great that you are learning it and progressing well :)

    - Greenboochi

  3. Warm Welcome GB! After going for the class for 6 days, I can say that swimming comes to some people naturally,while for others like me , comes via practice..So, no big-deal for a multi-talented person like you :) Thanks for the kind words , I hope to enjoy more as I practice more

  4. Thanks to my friend and her little daughter, who taught me personally and motivated me, i learnt swimming last year...
    It feels great to be able to move in the water naa!!
    Came here from RM's post...
    Loved reading your account :)

    1. Welcome T2M..Haan..hann..Just floating in water is so soothing and relaxing..noting like that ..
      Do you continue to swim now? hopping over to your blog now