Sunday, August 14, 2011

Will I ever see the light

Come the month of Aadi, all the festivals start lining up one after the other..Festivals are the occasions for social gathering, festivals are also the occasions when I tend to get into a deeper cocoon, festivals are also the time when neighbors get an opportunity to prod me as to whether I consult doctors , when was I going to give the "good news", to know how long we've been married etc etc..

Every year, during each of these festivals, I pray/plead/request the Almighty to shower His blessings and bestow us the joy of parenthood and ask Him to grant us the blessing of experiencing pregnancy and place a request in His feet that next year, we year we celebrate this festival with a little one amongst us. I've done this prayer year after year with lots of hope and faith.Yes, there have been many times during the course where my faith/confidence  levels have blipped, but on the day of the festival, I would muster courage and be positive and plead God. Off-late, I'm not sure if God is listening at all, for there seems to be no indication that he is at least listening(forget about granting wishes), I start wondering if God can be this cruel..This year, I'm jist praying Him to please grant me the strength to endure whatever he is throwing on my way, I'm pleading with Him to show me the path..Just hsow me the path, where should I be going towards, please help me make up a decision and proceed on that..Please throw some hints, provide the guidance through some means..

Days, weeks,months and years have passed by..Please God, put an end to this suffering, show us the light!

In the organization that I've joined a few weeks ago, a few of my team members shared a gist of their career story and their stories are filled with bumps and potholes..I agree that they were not so easy ones ..But, theirs is a story which they could share..They could talk about..But stories like trying to conceive, miscarriage etc are perceived as problems with the man and wife , seen as issues that challenges the very notion of being a man or woman, hence these problems cant even be spoken about..Hence, people bury their concerns within themselves that at one point they simply get saturated and their self-esteem, confidence goes down spiralling, not to mention their social life and the energy towards life in general..let there be light..Universe, please conspire to bring us joy...please do put an end to this suffering..Its been long..

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