Sunday, August 14, 2011

How is it going?

so far, ok..This is about the new place where I go to work everyday..It's going to be two months since I joined this new place and so far, I would rate the experience at 3 on a scale of 5.(5 having the highest satisfaction score).

Better experiences so far:
 - Change of place, change of people, hence, my interest levels towards work is on the rising.
 - I'm clear about what I want from the job, my expectations from the workplace are clear now(compared to the muddled opinions I had earlier).
- New roles, expectations from me are more, this urges me to work better
- Following some kinda discipline, both at home and office front.
-  Being more conscious about time,
-  indulging in self-pity has become lesser..
- conscioulsy trying to stay in touch with friends
- spending time on hobby activities

 - More work. In my previous organisation, I've had to perform only 10% of the work that I'm doing here on a day-to-day basis(project delivery times are not exculded here)
- Conference calls twice a week , scheduled for a hour nd a half but runs longer than the length o f a Hindi movie
- More work,..
- Huge team..
- Team members have grown old along with the team/company..So, they ar enot very receptive of new members in the team..
- Deadlines are close to one another, no time to spend working on innovation/process improvement related activities

I will stop here at the moment and will add to the list later..Overall, at a personal level, its been nice..Not sure if this feeling is because I've changed(irrespective of the workplace or the work itself) or the workplace has caused this change..Whatever be the reason, I'm liking this new changed me..I'm more relaxed, not panicking for petty things most of the times, know what to expect out of the job..

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