Sunday, August 7, 2011

And the position is filled :)

Yes, I was hoping that the maid(who was appointed as mentioned in the post :  ) who claimed that she has worked in few houses for more than a decade or so would suit our place. But, how wrong my assumptions were..The lady came with her daughter the next day (her first day of work) and inspite of already agreeing to the the list of activities that she has to do as a part of the job, she flinched and refused to do certain activities. MIL got agitated bcos of this and asked me to speak to her the next day. The next day being a saturday, I was home and she mentioned that she cannot do certain activities and demanded extra amount that what what she agreed upon just a day ago. (look at it: she agreed to the work and the pay, now daughter comes, triggers her mom, now mom subtracts some portion of the job  and demands more pay ) . This lady who did all the sweet talk less that 48 hours ago , now is grumbling. Finally, I asked her to leave, but before leaving, she was the one who said she would continue to work and we settled on the final activities and pay too.. The next day , we waited till about 2 and MIl and I rolled up our sleeves and finished the cleaning job. madam comes after 4pm and demands money for the previous 2 days job.

I didnt know whom to contact since all the maids were expecting less work and more pay (when I say more, its 2000 bucks for sweeping/mopping and doing the dishes for a small house which has 3 people!). I tried many many times to contact my previous maid, but her number was simply unreachable. The next day, by chance I asked the watchman of the flat where she (the 1st maid,lets call her L) works if he knew whether L had returned from her native. He replied in the positive and my joy knew no bounds when I heard she was back. I had asked him to ask her to contact me after 6 PM that day (since MIL was out of town that day). all the conversation with the watchman happened in sign language as we dont understand each others language. That day, I came back from office only at 7PM so, had no clue if L came or not. However, next day, I'd given my number to the watchman and asked him to call me once he sees L. The watchman promptly called me and I spoke to L and asked her why left without informing us , told her that I felt bad that she abruptly left  and that I tried contacting her umpteen times and that he daughter did not respond properly to my calls, and asked her to come back again. When I returned home that evening, mil told me that L had already come and would come back for work the next day onwards..So, I'm now glad that L is back and the vacancy is filled with the right candidate :) More on sincerety of L, and the difference she makes to our house. Thats for a different post

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