Sunday, August 21, 2011

Krishna's Bday

I take great pleasure to record here that this Krishna Janmashtami, all the preparations were done by me..This is what I prepared uppu seedai, vella seedai, thenkuzhal , payasam, drawing little baby Krishna's foot steps with maa kolam , a simple decoration in the Pooja room , ofcourse, the eadibles were made with help from S. Thank you S,for joining in the preparation , that too voluntarily..And the result..the edibles have come out well..I didnt have any specific intention in mind while preparing except that the though of when will I complete the whole thing..But, as my luck goes, when all these have come out well, my mind/heart is not at peace..This time because of the conversation I had with mom over the phone..I pained to hear her tell that she was down (at heart) and not at her usual spirits..She is upset about some internal family affair and that pains me..Krishna, would you please take the goodies that I offered you in neivedhyam and please do walk in to our homes and spread peace and joy? Thank you..Wish you many many Happy Returns, baby Krishna!

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  1. Would love to see pictures! It sounds so interesting!