Sunday, August 7, 2011

Changed views..

We have seen a number of organisations/NGO's working to make the lives of transgenders a little easier, helping them to live with dignity,  and so far I was quite agreeing to such initiatives. All that was till y'day when I had a first hand experience of 2 transgenders harassing two young salesmen for about 30 minutes. This shop is a newly opened one (opened just y'day when this incident happened) with two salesmen literally worshiping before facing every single customer. Two transgenders enter the shop and start going about their business. When they were offered Rs.10, they started arguing asking who takes a meager 10ruppess these days, do the salesmen consider them(tg's) so cheap and below dignity that they give 10Rs, and demanded a whole figure of Rs.1000 (!!) as its a new shop. They literally told the figure out and was demanding the sum. The salesmen tried telling them that it was a new shop and they are yet to see customers and they would try to give them a better amount once sales pick up(if they come after about a couple of weeks) and all such conversation happened .
In the meantime, shoppers stayed away from the shop for fear of facing these two. We were now caught inside the shop and those two blocked the way , hence I signalled S to go upstairs and wait there till the way out is cleared. To our surprise, even after 20 minutes, the argument continued, now it was quite heated, and what do you know, the tg's were in the stairs proceeding to follow one of the salesmen who came to the 1st floor. Finally, they were shoved off with 100 bucks .  The salesman told me that that was the money he had for the days food and that was taken away forcibly.

I agree not everyone are of the kind who demand exorbitant amounts like these two did y'day or ask for a fixed price or continue to stay on at a place for long, but some of them do(like the ones y'day) . And when you are a witness to such incidents, you really start thinking if its worth at all  giving any amount to anyone who begs,rather demands as in the above case.

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