Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In want of..

a miracle..very badly in want of a miracle..They say if you want something very badly, the universe conspires to give you..I want a miracle to happen in my life desperately..Universe, please conspire ..Its been loong since the craving/loonging has been there..How long do you want me to wait? Mother Nature, havent you changed me enough to be eligible to mother a baby? Havent I changed from the silly, short tempeterd person to someone who can atleast recognise when anger starts whoing its ugly head and try to calm myself? Havent I learnt enough life's lessons , given my age? Why me? why me? Please help..Someone please help..For every person who has consulted the same astrologer as I have got their predictiosn right..I was so hopeful of what one man predicted..I'm still hopeful..Theres still some time..Lord, I'm waiting ..I've rested my burdens of Thy feet, Please show me a path..show me the light..I've been in darkness for loong, have mercy on me..Yes, I'm begging you Lord, for I dont have anyone else to go to..I do get angry on you, Lord, sometimes I wonder if if You exist at all, for if your presence had been there, you would have done something about my suffering..Am I blindly believing in something that does not exist at all? During such times, even if I want to go away from you, the next question that comes is , where do I go? whom do I ask? Where shall I go , if not for you, whose door shall I knock if not for yours, ? please have mercy and bless us and shows us an end to this suffering..

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  1. I'm so sorry. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you.