Saturday, September 11, 2010

In search of...

I'm a blog addict. There, I said it . I have spent many many hours on the net blog hopping, especially to moomy blogs . While I enjoy reading the antics that kids do, the writing skills, creativity that these mommy bloggers posses, somewhere deep within, I 'm searching..I'm seraching for those who had a hard time to have their lil bundle of joy, but then, all their hardships in this endeavour had happy endings..Yes, it's very very difficult being positive all the time 24/7 and many times, I'm in the look out for happy-ending stories, drawing inspiration , hope and confidence from them. I'm in the look out for some optimistic sign that fills me with some amount of positivity (at least for that moment). Anyone who has had miscarraiges, who had to undergo test after test only to find that all tests are normal, anyone who has waited month after month hoping this cycle the pregnancy will click will understand the need for some assurance, grip, a hold-on..
I do have a lot of posts in my head which I plan to write down one after another, but why am I writing this one all of a sudden? Because, I came across a blog site and started reading it, and when in the forst few posts, there was no mention of a baby , but the writing conveyed that the person belonged to Chennai, a Tamilian, married for long, I started reading further and somewhere down the line, found that this lady is a proud mother of a gorgeous baby boy and is now planning to have a second one(may you succeed sooner), but, something triggered me to go further down the archives. I figured that she had the baby after many years of marriage. In the meantime, I'd arrived at her first post. Why did I do this? What am I searching for?  I'm searching for someone or something that can boost up my optimism, restore my faith when it ebbs. Today is one such day where I've been travelling from optimism to negativity, back and forth, not knowing where to kep my faith on. I sincerely hope and pray this is just a passing phase and I emerge out of this successfully.

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