Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going Bananas

We have a very small (10ft in length and about a little less than a foot in width) green area in our house. And it has proved itself to be a very fertile patch (Kala Tikka, touch wood!). When we moved into the house, there were a few plants, and one among them was a plantain plant. After we moved in, this plantain plant grew into an adult, multiplied and gave rise to another 2, 2 became 4, then 8 and then we stopped counting..Since they all grew in a cluster, MIL opined that we cut some trees to make way for one tree to give out its "vaazhaithaar". Though I was eager to get a vaazhaithaar and home-grown vaazhaipazhams , the thought of cutting away a few trees didnt go well into me and at all times when discussion came about cutting the trees came up, I either deferred or remained silent or sometimes have told not to do so, or probably we could wait and watch..

The wait wasnt longer, before when the vazhaithaar appeared and one fine day when MIL came home after her regular morning walk, told : "vaazhai kolai pottu iurrku". Joyously I ran outside to check the "kolai" and mentally affirmed myself that "Yes, ask and you shall receive" ,"People might say hundred different things, but if something were to happen, it definitely will", "Yay, our land is fertile and so will I be too:-)" etc..

Row after row, the bananas started showing up, and the flower started withering away as and when a new row of banana showed up, the bananas started growing too, but at some point, they stopped growing..I was very hopeful that feeding it with more water or giving it more time will help, but didnt. When we had to raise our compound wall and this tree which was on its way to giving us bananas was leaning against the wall and the mason said it was mandatory that this tree be removed..I pleaded with him, gave him all possible options in which he could get the job done without causing harm to the tree and finally, he obliged. But, the "thaaar" did not grow into a young adult.

Shortly after this, another tree was on its way to giving out bananas, like the previous tree, this also showed promise, only to be cut away by some stranger.

Now, a third tree has given us this banana, and we have stored it in a not-so-air-tight sack and we are expecting it to ripen. Will update once we have our home-grown-organic banana ready to be consumed. Till then, I'm crossing my fingers that they will ripen and will you also please?


  1. Wow! That's so nice.
    Are u from Blr? I am from Blr too - moved to Hyd 4 yrs bk on work :)

  2. Swaram,
    I'm hooked to your wordpress webpage. You posses excellent writing skill.And I'm glad to see your comments and yours is the first comment that this blog has received.I'm from B'lore and Do you visit B'lore often, these days? Would love to meet you sometime. Thanks for your good wishes. I really hope I can see and bask in the sunshine very soon..