Friday, September 24, 2010

5 things I would like to try ..

This tag has been doing its rounds in the blogosphere, I'm taking this tag upon myself and doing it..This tag has come at the right time, for I've just now started (atleast in thought) thinking about living the life I've been blessed with instead of whining or waiting for the miracle to happen.

Here they go:

1) I want to learn to drive, a car that is. Having learnt to drive a two wheeler at the tender age of 13, I've driven a TVS50 with  5 people in it..Yes , I'm not kidding, but 5 of them including me. The rest 4 were kinda kidoos, in the age group 7-9. I've dreamt of owning a car, and driving to office myslef in it. I did go to the driving school and have a driving license, but never got around practising driving and I'm scared of the 4 wheeler. I want to get rid of this fear and be able to comfortable zip around in the city.

2) I have a desire to learn some from of painting, fabric, glass, anything ..I would liek to develop interest in painting. I've always scored low in Biology at school, thanks to my drawing skills..My bio teacher has ridiculed me many times for the wonderful drawing I've produced on record sheets in the 10th Std. since then, an impression that I cannot draw or paint or involve myself in arts and crafts have gone deep down inside me and over a period of time, I have even stopped admiring good paintings for it will bring about a kind of depression in me that I cannot even draw a simple diagram effectively. Now, I want to roll my sleeves and give it a try..I want to change what I'm thinking of myself. I want to learn some form of painting.

3) Knitting: I want to be able to knit little socks, sweaters for my little one to-be. The love and affection that one can feel on wearing a clothing made by a loved one simply cannot be described.I would shower such love and affection to my lil one.

4) Learn to swim. During undergrad days, I had the opportunity to learn for a mere 100 bucks for a semester. I didnt utilise that for the tan (oh, was I that skin/complexion conscious then?), for the unshaved arms and legs, for having to wear swim suit, for the various stories I've heard about the swimming teacher and looking back now, I'm feeling how silly these reasons are. However, better late than never, hence plan to enrol for a swimming class.

5) Exercise: Though I excercise whenever I feel like it, I would liek to be a regular in doing yoga and especially do it with full concenteration. I've hardly been able to concenterate on the yogasanas that I do. I would like to involve and enjoy myself while doing yoga and do it regularly.

Will update as and when I achieve some sort of a milestone in any of these.

Happy Friday and Have a Good Weekend ahead!

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