Monday, September 13, 2010

A Friend in a need..

is a freind indeed..

This age old saying hold true even today and it will hold true for many many light years to come.
It requires a seperate post to tell how our friendship was formed and how I was quite reluctant to be friends with B and how B continues to extend his unfilching support at all times to me inspite of me ignoring him.

B, I'm glad that we are friends..The flood gates opened today when B and I went for a tea break and I count my blessings for having an awesome well wisher in you. It feels good to know that I'm cared for inspite of the grinding routines that you have. It feels good to talk all the jumbled thoughts that criss-cross every second in the mind..It definitely feels good when someone echoes my thoughts, and it feels double good when I hear an idea/suggestion/opinion different from mine so that I get to open my mind and receive it and ponder about it..(Otherwise, if it doesnt come from anyone,  I keep thinking that the decision that I make is the right and best one). It is quite a blessing when someone patiently listens to all that I want to vent out and try to boost my faith and fill me with optimism. Thank you B ,I'm sure all our prayeers are going to be answered very soon.

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