Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everthing Positive

Just after I clicked on "publish post" of the previous post I'd written, I continued blog-hopping and this time, it was to one of my favourite bloggers, Preeti Shenoy of
In there, I saw :
                        Thoughts have a power. Ideas have a power. Believe and you shall achieve.

Thank you Preethi for sharing the story of Graham Miles ( . Yes, I'm going to be positive all the time..Atleast, I'm going to try. I've taken this oath many many times off-late, but still, its quite a challenge to be optimistic always, correct? However, it is also not a wrong thing to take this oath many times. Atleast, these oaths can serve as check points. Yes, I'm going to think, dream, visualise only good stuff. Here's to good, new and positive beginnings..Cheers!

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