Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On a bright Thursday morning..

Me; Hello Mr Know it all, Good Morning . Can I talk to you for a few minutes?
Mr.Know-It-All: regarding the battery for your laptop…
Me: No No, its not regarding the battery, but about my PC which is giving a message that I need to repair the software using the boot up CD..can you please give me the boot up Cd or let me know whom to contact to get the same?
Mr.KIA: You need to format your hard disk.
Me: I don’t think formatting is required. The machine clearly points out that some system file may be missing or corrupt and this boot-up CD will do the repair job
Mr.KIA: Even if you get the cd, you will not be able to perform the repair, because it will ask for the license key of the OS , which you do not have.
Me: I would like to anyways try doing the repair..More than half a decade worth data is in this machine , and does not have back up too.
Mr.KIA: You can consult Mr.P who sits in 2nd floor for the CD.

Phew!! Mr.KIA, You uttered “formatting is the only solution to this issue” umpteen times during the above conversation before finally letting me know the whereabouts of the boot CD. Anyways Thanks for the same. It helped me prepare for the worst . And fortunately, Mr.P was able to get my PC up and working even without the boot CD. And it was good that inspite of you coaxing me to format the hard disk, I didn’t .

Mr.P, Thank you so much for your help. You are humble enough to claim that you didn’t do anything to restore my PC to its original condition, but you are the one who saved the ~40GB data in my PC and admist people like Mr.KIA whose only solution to any PC problem is formatting the hard disk, its good to know someone who is willing to try alternate options to repair a PC.

Mr.KIA, You have been helpful in sorting out day-to-day operations/IT/commute issues for a few years now and I appreciate you sincerely for the same. We did recognize your efforts and in fact our team recommended for an extra mile award for you sometime ago. While I’m not denying how swiftly you operate to get issues solved, I would also like to mention that I hear from many that when employees contact you for any kind of PC related issues, your only solution to them is to format the hard disk. Probably, there are other options too, which will fix the problem in lesser time.


  1. I have read a few of your posts on your struggle with becoming a parent. There is light at the end of the tunnel. While everything looks bleak now, when a lil one looks you in the eye, you will forget about all of this. I am saying this after 10 years of struggle. Keep smiling

  2. Shankari, Thanks for stopping by and for the positive comment. Yes,I've heard most of the times from my mom that when things fall in place and when I do have a baby in arms, all the struggles will simply be forgotten. But, all that one has to undergo to get there, and more importantly, the lingering question whether the end of tunnel will come at all just spas one of all energy in lfe. Anyways, I'm so happy for you the little bundle of joy in form of Ashwin in your life. Take care..Would love to read more about Ashwin.