Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is our loot from the BBF -2010, a couple of books that are missing currently also needs to be included to this list.
The first book that I read from this loot was Known Turf by Annie Zaidi.
When M(my better half) recommended this book I wasnt too sure about wanting to read this, but nevertheless,accepted to be bought. Now, after reading it, I couldnt be more thankful to M for suggesting and purchasing the book.

This book is more an account of Annie's experiences as a journalist travelling to remote villages of India and some anecdotes from her own personal life as well.  We do get to read about the poverty , unemployment, bribery, and other issues faced by thousands living in remote corners of our country from various sources. This is also one such personal account, and while reading the book, I felt ashamed of complaining about salary hikes, office politics, inflation, etc etc. The chapters where Zaidi narrates the food scarcity ,malnourishment and how people struggle to earn even for one meal in a day, give a sense of what it means to really stuggle for survival. Though I usually don’t waste food , I resolved not to be fussy ,and be thankful for the daily bread . Any book, narration, or story that describes the harsh realities faced by many in this world, make for an opportunity for me to introspect and count my blessings. I find it terrible that I count my blessings and be thankful on reading such stories or observing the less fortunate. I would like to claim that I’m trying, trying hard to be grateful every single day irrespective of whatever happens, but somehow get caught in the mundane routine of day-to-day life . Nevertheless, one of the resolutions this year is that I’m going to continue to lessen my whines, lessen the cribs, live life one day at a time, as it comes, remain grateful for all that has been bestowed, try and help others whenever and wherever possible , and most of all, not to lose faith and hope. Let me see how far I go.

The other books that kept me glued over the last 2 months are : Arthamulla Hindumadham (done reading with almost half the book), God Father (Loved this book, why didn’t I read this earlier? I would like to read the book once more just for the character of Michael Corleone), Shall We Tell The President (I was tempted to put down this book every now and then, but in a curiosity to figure out the climax, continued and completed the book.), Kane and Abel (wonderful read, unputdownable, In the initial chapters was fascinated at the  strength and determination of Abel’s character, but once Abel started his revenge against Kane , my loyalty changed towards Kane, the letter from Curtis Fenton made my heart go weak for Kane. I wished the story ended with Kane being able to meet with his grandchildren and the story ended with “and they lived happily ever after” types.). I want tow rite a review of Kane and Abel, may be , next post.

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