Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very very happy and a propperous new year. New Years come and go , so are resolutions. In fact , I take resolutions all round the year ...resolutions taken seriously, but never kept up for long..This New Year, I would like to blog about my resolutions so that I can keep a tab on them and check how I've progressed or how the original resolutions have changed shape.

I resolve to live in the moment, be thankful for  all the wonderful things that I'm blessed with, have lesser grudge, not to lose hope, stengthen faith in the Supreme , think better , work harder, shed off pettiness to a large extent, ignore the actions of others that bother me, to not get pissed off with the husband for something others said or did, blog more, use time efficiently, enhance my knowledge on work realted subjects, not to get bothered about office politics, retain cool at times of pressure or difficulty both at home and work.

Lord, Give me the strength to pursue all the above resolutions and be my guiding light!!

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