Saturday, January 8, 2011

Episode 2 ..continued

Ok, the miscarriage happened and I went to my parents place to recover from the trauma both physically and mentally. So, my case became the talk among relatives and had I known that relatives were going to pour in to my parents place to rejoice the engagement of one of my cousins, I would have delayed my travel. Anyways, I was recepient of very strong,sharp, caustic comments.  here I was wrigging with pain due to the painful D&C , and the loss of losing two babies in a period of 8 months, and listeneing to arbitrary comments/suggestions by relatives.

Now, the bleeding didnt stop even after 5 days after the D&C, so I happened to visit my friends mother who is a gynaecologist at my parents place and she gave a few tablets which would help the remnants , if any to come out. But , the medications didnt help. Thats when I realsied, the Dr who had done the D&C had screwed up, I had to undergo another check curettege and returned back to B'lore.

Even after the check curettege , the bleeding didnt stop, continued for a month. Since the scan did not show any abnormalities, the gynaec did not prescribe any medication and put me on a wait mode. But, the cycle did not regularise for about  3 months. Everytime, I had mestural bleeding for close to 15 days. Finally, I decided to break myself from the wait and watch mode and literally begged the Dr to atleast regularise the cycle, only then she put me on contraceptive pills for 3 months. and After this period, periods were regularised. By this time, it was already 8 months after the 2nd miscarriage and we started trying again. and before I knew it, I conceived again.

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