Friday, January 14, 2011

Timetable for life

One of my colleagues, M is not married as of now, (he is 33 years old) an, very much successful in career, is involved in lots of activities outside work and office and is very happy withe the choices that he has made (atleast, thats what he told me!).. Some of the other colleagues in the office make fun of his "single" status and let out some absurd comments . As if they were consulted to find a suitable girl form M! When are we going to grow up, giving space for others to lead lives as they wish to? Why is this obsession with following a time-table for whole life?? What is wrong when a child has to let go of one year of school and resume schooling thereafter? Is the world going to turn upside down just because his peers are one year ahead in classes? What is wrong when a man or woman decides to delay getting married or not get married at all?  Each one of us in the world have a life to live and I think, it is high time that we give respect for others choices!

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