Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Who's the boss?

In our household,

Scene 1: 
Health visitor (HV) : you are allowing the baby to control you while it has to be the other way round.  Mummy is the boss. Understand? ?

Ramya jumps around doing victory dance that at least there is one soul who declares I'm the boss.

Scene 2: A little while later,little one is awake after a nap of 10 minutes (it was during this cycle gap I was crowned the boss) and we play for some time. Then,HRH gives a shout ..waav aav yaav. ..Immediately the so-called-boss rushes to pick the baby and says "okay okay kattha vendam. .thookikaren. ." 
S  has a wicked smile and asks "enga, yaaru boss, sollu "

Scene 3: I have put HRH to sleep and assuming that she has drifted to la-la land,I slowly get up tob do some important work like taking a shower. Even before I get out of the bed,I hear twist/turn/squirm from the little munchkin and immediately I ditch all plans and sleep next to her and keep patting her. Again,a teasing smile from S as if asking "yaaru boss nu sollu paakalam". .